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The world today is certifying an attention to the media and its mission, as we all experience the development of its means and the diversity of its methods, until it leads to the appearance of new channels of communication that knows no boundaries or barriers, so the appearance of cable TV, Internet, and satellite communications turned the world into what looks like a small village and enabled anyone to know what 's going on thousands of miles away from him as he sat in his closed room in front of the TV or computer screen. This has led to the ability of the media to achieve its mission over a larger and deeper space, which reflects a general confirmation on the importance of modern media and its ability to play an active role in various…show more content…
The media also intervenes in the formation of people 's attitudes and perceptions towards the truth in all of life’s approach. There is no doubt that modern societies are completely dependent on mass communication means, the transfer of the communicated messages to the masses, which means that the intervention of the media affects the formation of the public agenda, especially visual media. The media can send deliberate content in identifying the public trends about a particular issue, such as feeding the masses to make some decision as well as forming beliefs and ideas, which establish a public opinion towards the idea or the deliberate issue. An objective and professional media are rare to identify in today’s time, but there is hope and confidence that it will be in the near…show more content…
They play key roles at the political level through their communication materials, as they play an influential role in political decision-making process. Multiple roles, as we do in contemporary political life, the media intervenes in the formation of concepts and perceptions of people toward the truth.
It also provides awareness to people with political experiences which through it, the public opinion is formed in the Domestic and international societies. This is no doubt the reason that modern societies have become totally dependent on mass communication in the transfer of communication messages to be delivered to the masses, it plays this role of governmental and non-governmental organizations with the assistance of advanced and effective devices on top of it like press, radio, television, movies and

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