Meal Ticket

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Titled: Meal Ticket Genre: Drama Tagline: Everyone is entitled to a meal ticket; however everyone has to eat. Log line: An original series drama that follows everyday Americans as they wait for a person or thing to depend on as a source of financial support; or in this case, a meal ticket. Setting: Washington D.C., during America’s "era of stagnancy” and into the "new era of change“. Premise: Everyone is entitled to a meal ticket, however everyone has to eat...Meal Ticket is a character driven drama series that shows the necessity of human dependency on the limited resources and opportunities that the world has to offer. Meal Ticket also shows how some people wait on a meal ticket; while others go and get their meal ticket by any means necessary. Meal Ticket also shows how everyday Americans must consider daily living expenses, bills, habits, and even luxuries over a dream. As a result, many tend to stray away from dreams and work only to survive. For example, the main character's, Bret, meal ticket is to return to college and be the first to graduate in his family. Bret's mother wants him to return his hometown of Philadelphia to finish school, but Bret does not want to abandon the new life that he has started in Washington DC. Bret decides to get a job as a waiter at an upscale restaurant where he comes across many people who are waiting for a meal ticket. Meanwhile, Bret has to save his money and save his relationship with his "well-off" girlfriend Christina who can also be viewed as Bret‘s potential meal ticket. However, this isn't so easy for Bret since he is young, unfocused, a party animal and a ladies’ man. This conflict questions the premise of love and if love can be depended on as a young adult durin... ... middle of paper ... ambitious product of Queens, New York City who is an aspiring rapper/advertising major at Howard University. Although Pinks is a talented artists, he is a victim of cerebral palsy and is disabled. Since Pinks is disabled he depends on his talent as a lyricist and not on his degree to earn a living. In brief, Meal Ticket is about human dependency; making dreams come true; setting goals and accomplishing them; life’s obstacles and how human’s cope; will power; the wish to become something great; discovering one’s true purpose; opportunity; luck; hard work; struggle; privilege; living; eating; race; politics; screwing someone over; opportunist; oppression; survival; destiny; money; greed; America; happiness; love; passion; me; you; everyone; life. I hope that my story has sparked your interest and motivates you to actually read the MEAL TICKET SPEC PILOT.
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