Descriptive Essay On My First Concert

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There is an event that I just can describe as one of the most unique and memorable in my life: attending my first concert. After years of listening to Ron Pope’s music, watching his YouTube channel, and following all of his social media accounts, the satisfaction of seeing someone whose music has been the soundtrack to my life for so long was unreal. There were moments that I had to internally remind myself that this is, in fact, happening in real life. Being a dedicated (some may say eccentrically so) fan is tough work – and I was rewarded with two hours of pure magic for one night. Attending my first concert was a unique event that I will always remember fondly because of the atmosphere, the amazing performance and the sense of connection …show more content…

As the song continued, Ron began to dance a bit around the stage – interacting with his guitarist, bassist and drummer individually. They were all smiling and laughing as they played and sang – not so much as to ruin the music, of course, but enough that you could tell these were people who truly loved music and that they get to do it living. Following that were performances of some of the other tracks from his most recent album (at the time), “Calling off the Dogs.” Then it happened: the beginning chords to my favorite song of all time, “Fireflies.” I lost the ability to breathe for a moment. As the song played, I heard other people singing along just as loudly as I was – it made my heart swell to know that other people loved this song just as much as I do. I don’t know why that surprised me, really – all throughout the night, the entire audience had been screaming the lyrics along with him and moving their bodies to the beat of the …show more content…

Then audience members who were perfect strangers who were screaming loudest would turn to each other with knowing glances and smile because they were sharing the same excitement and connecting with one another over their love of this man’s music. There was no pushing or shoving to get closer to the stage – it wasn’t that kind of crowd. Instead, there was mutual respect for one another’s space within the confines of the too-small venue. Nobody wanted to be the person who ruined it for someone else. It was this respect that made the audience members’ connections with one another that much stronger – we were all here to listen to this wonderful man’s music and see his performance – and, of course, we were here to enjoy it. After the show had ended, I felt slightly empty. I had waited years and months for that night, and it was over in the blink of an eye. Although I was sad that the show was over, I felt completely content. Now, when I hear their songs, I get to remember what it felt like to hear the band perform them live. I can watch the videos and try to wrap my mind around how it was real. Going to my first concert was an unparalleled experience that I will always cherish. The ambiance, the band’s performance and the unity the audience

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