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  • Coal, Strip Mining, and its Environmental Effects

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    Coal, Strip Mining, and its Environmental Effects Going to a school like Penn State entitles you to many advantages that smaller schools don’t have, such as diversity, world renowned professors, and several different majors to choose from. All of these things I knew before going to Penn State. However, one thing I was not aware of was the enormous amount of coal that the state of Pennsylvania has, and the power that its coal gives to the rest of the United States. Northeastern Pennsylvania

  • Existentialism in Bill Watterson’s Comic Strips

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    Bill Watterson is an American cartoonist, author of the famous comic strips “Calvin and Hobbes” syndicated from 1985 to 1995. In these short-stories, Calvin is a creative kid full of childish pranks, and together with Hobbes, a deep-thinking stuffed tiger, they both stand as examples of existentialism in comic strips. Through Calvin’s desperate choices and decisions over many circumstances in the stories, he struggles against a continually changing world. The characters’ actions portray the humanity

  • Time for strip of magnesium to dissolve in a solution of water and acid

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    How long does it takes a strip of magnesium to dissolve in a solution of water and acid Introduction I am aiming to find out how long it takes for a strip of magnesium, to dissolve, in a solution of water and acid. Variables Ø Concentration of acid Ø Length of Magnesium Ø Temperature of water Ø Temperature of acid Ø Amount of acid Ø Size of conical flask Ø Time taken Fair test The variable I will change is the concentration of acid. I will keep the length of the magnesium the same, as with

  • Current Conditions In and Future Plans for the Strip District

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    Introduction Over the last 200 years, the Strip District has gone through many different changes throughout its long history. Stretching from 11th Street to 33rd Street, The Strip as it is known from Pittsburgh was at one in the 1920’s the economic center of Pittsburgh and was home to such companies as U.S. Steel, The H.J. Heinz Company and Westinghouse. As the 21st century rolled into, the ghosts of past industry giants still remained, but the Strip District had changed into a Saturday destination

  • Israeli News of the Gaza Strip

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    increasingly harsh blockade on Gaza to put pressure on Hamas. The blockade imprisoned 1.8 million innocent Palestinians leading many of them to live below poverty levels due to limited food, medical supplies, and essential goods. The siege of the Gaza Strip made getting news coverage a near impossibility for foreign news media. In order to receive a press card to Gaza, journalists needed to undergo a security check and sign a censorship form agreeing to submit the articles they have written during their

  • Israel's Surrender of the Gaza Strip Did Not Create Peace

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    In 2005, the Israeli government decided to give up the Gaza Strip, including Gush Katif, in an effort to bring peace to the middle east. They did not take into consideration much of the consequences of their actions. The attempt to create peace by giving Gush Katif to the Palestinians not only did not have that effect, but the exact opposite effect, creating more violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians, as well as a lack of trust between the government and some of the Israeli people. Gush

  • Philosophy - Aristotle’s Concept of Virtue and the Comic Strip of Calvin and Hobbes

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    Aristotle’s Concept of Virtue and the Comic Strip of Calvin and Hobbes One of the many questions with which Aristotle is concerned in the Nicomachean Ethics is: What is virtue and who is the virtuous man? However, this question of virtue is not considered in a vacuum. Aristotle’s discussion, far from amounting to mere ethereal musings, is firmly grounded in the everyday of life and consideration. So, in discussing the ideas of Aristotle, it is appropriate, and even necessary, that we ground

  • Historical Uses Of Graphic Novel, Comic Books, And Comic Strips

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    Historical Uses of Graphic Novel, Comic Books, and Comic Strips, Picture books. Everyone has read one as a child, and that is exactly what they are: books for children. Or are they? Picture books, comic book, and graphic novel tend to be grouped together and all tend to be stereotyped as books for children, but recently the idea of using graphic novels as a source of education for teens in high school and even for adults in college has popped up. The book Maus II by Art Spiegelman is a graphic novel

  • The Möbius Strip

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    Geometry Honors 20 April 2014 The One-Sided Object Why did the chicken cross the Möbius Strip? Well, of course, to get to the same side! Wait, what? Born in 1790, Augustus Ferdinand Möbius would grow up to become a great astronomer and mathematician. Not only this, but his name would be remembered throughout geometry and science as the man who discovered what is known as the Möbius Strip. He discovered the Möbius Strip in September of 1858 and later wrote an article on it in 1865. Although Möbius received

  • Comic strip

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    The comic strip has much to do with what we have been discussing in class. We have been discussing in class the development of the individual. In the comic it is saying that dog bones look much like human bones, and maybe we are more connected then we thought. I believe in the comic strip they are also stating that people are ignorant. That we will believe anything that we see. We as people a lot of the time also jump to conclusions. In the strip Buck jumped strait to the conclusion that Satchel