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  • My Life Beyond the Pale

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    My Life Beyond the Pale "Beyond the pale" was a phrase first used by the English Crown of the 1300's to describe the Irish countryside outside of Dublin's borders, i.e., English control. Even before then, and since, the Irish have continually struggled to define for themselves a cohesive national identity outside of that which was determined for them by colonists, or perhaps nowadays, tourists like myself. Therefore, a cautionary note: this brief essay contains no deep, penetrating insights into

  • Going Beyond the Pale with William Trevor

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    Going Beyond the Pale with William Trevor In William Trevor’s short story ‘Beyond the Pale’, the reader is presented with a text that seethes with the angst of a writer whose country’s Colonial past has been gnawing on his bones. Although there is nothing unusual in this (especially in Irish writing), Trevor manages to fumble the ball in the course of his didactic strategy and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory: what should have been a successful indictment of British Colonial Rule in Ireland

  • Comparing Shane and Pale Rider

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    Comparing Shane and Pale Rider In Shane & Pale Rider, changing the boy to an adolescent girl (respectively) had a great effect on the elements of the story. In both stories, each child had a relationship with the stranger, but as we saw, the child's age and sex affected this bond. In Shane, the boy Joey was first to see the stranger riding over the edge. As he gets closer, Joey is in complete aw by the sights of the stranger Shane. Living on the land with parents that are always working

  • Analysis of Paragraph on Page 271-272 of Porter’s Pale Horse, Pale Rider

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    Analysis of Paragraph on Page 271-272 of Porter’s Pale Horse, Pale Rider In the opening sentence of this paragraph, two workers at the newspaper office are described. They are not, however, described as people though, they are instead said to be solely “two pairs of legs” (Porter 271). By describing solely this part of the people, Porter is drawing attention to a part of the body seemingly unrelated to newspaper writing. This gives the reader the impression that these two writers are either

  • King Lear’s Sins Pale in Comparison to those Committed Against Him

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    King Lear’s Sins Pale in Comparison to those Committed Against Him King Lear commits several acts that are nearly unforgivable. Not only does he exile a trusted, loyal servant, he also banishes his own daughter. Cordelia, unable and unwilling to submit herself to the ridiculous game of her father, is sent off to France with his curses. His subsequent action - the division of the land between his two ungrateful daughters - is the final act, the final sin, and one that plunges the land

  • Theme Of Pale Hose, Pale Rider

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    dreams contained symbols that were keys to understanding the subconscious and the current state of mind of the dreamer. (McLeod) Pale Hose, Pale Rider, is a short story written by Katherine Anne Porter, that delves into the idea that dreams and the symbols within the subconscious, can convey a person’s struggles of what is happening in the world around them. Pale Horse, Pale Rider tells the story of a young woman, during the bleak time in the United Sates, that not only saw the First World War, but

  • Beyond the Pale

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    In the novella, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, we meet him Ivan Denisovich Shukhov, a Soviet soldier during his eighth year at a harsh Siberian labor camp. He is an average man demoted to a number, an average man consumed past, present, and future by trivial matters of sustenance. However, he, and the world around him is more complex than at first glance. Although Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s story uses plain language and sometimes-monotonous scenes, Solzhenitsyn’s use of external elements,

  • The Most Suitable Material for a Backpacker's Towel

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    The Most Suitable Material for a Backpacker's Towel Chemistry: Data Analysis for the most suitable material for a backpacker’s towel. Method ====== In groups, we tested three different types of material (named pale blue, dark blue and brown) to find out which one would be more suitable as a backpacker’s towel. The criteria that would make a good backpacker’s towel would be aspects such as a low density, high absorpancy, rapid drying etc. We weighed the fabric before wetting it and

  • The Evolution of Skin Tanning

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    staple of the lower classes, tanned skinned also became associated with the destitute and unprosperous (BBC). Not only was dark skin undesirable, but people craved for pale skin. The relaxed elite wanted to show that they stayed indoors because of the needlessness to be outside in the sun doing any type of work of their own. Thus, pale skin became linked with the wealthy and high class (The Tanning Taboo). This lead to practices by the elite such as covering most of their body when they went swimming

  • Fate and Love in A Midsummer Night's Dream

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    This romantic bondage comes from both man-made edicts and the other-worldly enchantment of love potions. Tinkering with the natural progression of love has consequences. These human and fairy-led machinations, which are brought to light under the pale, watery moon, are an affront to nature. Shakespeare knows that all must be restored to its place under fate's thumb when the party of dreamers awaken. Both the play's humans and fairies try to shape love into forms that are advantageous not to