Mcdonald 's Strategy Of Expanding Their Menu

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Identification: Three aspects of McDonald’s overarching strategy are that they have focused heavily on emerging markets, began offering a wider variety of food to attract more sectors, and that they have not been afraid to take on new competitors. These three aspects are related in that when McDonald’s expands to different regions and markets, they are forced to battle new competitors to maintain dominance. Although McDonald’s already seems massively widespread, they still have not fully immersed the world entirely. Over the last several years, McDonald’s has made extensive effort towards developing in emerging markets. They have expanded throughout China and India, and also more unexpected areas such as certain African nations. In 2012, sales increased 8.1% within Asia/Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. China however, remains McDonald’s key international region of focus. They have grown exponentially over the last several years, creating thousands of new stores, which has allowed given them global exposure within an exceedingly competitive fast food industry. McDonald’s strategy of expanding their menu has allowed them to attract different sectors of the food industry. The addition of non-traditional items such as snack wraps and desserts has allowed them to expand their market, while continually supplying their core items such as hamburgers and French fries to satisfy their original customers. They’ve also widened their options for foods like salads to promote healthier food choices and address the concern of many critics, who believe their all food choices are unhealthy. Some of these healthier alternatives have become popular substitutes among consumers to high-calorie items offered. With McDonald’s entering territories ma... ... middle of paper ... ...obe, many of their signature items are already well-known and they do not need to spend additional money advertising them. While McDonald’s has had some success in the beverage industry the past few years, I think focusing on this market is not the best idea. Menu and store revisions would only cater towards a smaller demographic and not appeal to their core customers. This also ties into people who believe that they should attempt to revamp their scores to please a more upscale market. Based on a 2012 study, 57% of customers at a hamburger fast food restaurant such as McDonalds use the drive through window. Focusing on such a niche market would not be beneficial to the company in the long run, as it would be extremely costly to implement (equipment, building renovations, and Wifi access across many locations), and create complexity within their internal operations.
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