The Standardisation vs. Adaptation Debate

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Rapid globalization, companies keen to spread out internationally companies is faced by a very critical question of whether to standardize or to adapt its product or services. Global marketers have been trying to conclude with a particular answer to this great dilemma. Over the years as modern industry has developed, to standardize or to adapt has become a very important defining decision for the marketers. Each has its own pros & cons but to choose the right is a tough choice to make, it needs a thorough analysis and understanding of the market and only then a decision could be arrived .This essay will critically try to understand and analyse the various arguments of standardization and adaption so as to arrive at which is more appropriate in the modern international marketing scenario.

Standardisation refers to the concept of keeping one standard product or a service across different markets with the belief that the same product or service can be marketed across countries without any significant change or modification. Many of the global companies use this strategy across their product lines as over the time, with growing trade and international relations across globe, the ‘one world, one product’ strategy looks promising.

Adaptation is described as “the mandatory modification of domestic target market dictated product standards – tangible and/or intangible attributes – as to make the product suitable to foreign environmental conditions” (Medina & Duffy, 1998).Adaptation or Localization as it may be said is more a concept of changing or modifying the standard version of a product or service to suit the market requirements. Product adaptation involves modifying the product elements to meet the market...

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