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The Mayan Civilization dates to thousands of years old. When people think of the Mayan’s they mostly think of the Mayan calender, which is the one we use now in days. According to our text book “The Cultures”, states “that it takes exactly 52 yrs. of 365 days for a given day to repeat itself.” When we think of the Mayan’s that’s not all that we should think about. Their history goes on beyond that. Mayans were typically those from central America and Mexico who had a completely indigenous way of living. According to our textbook “The Humanities Culture, Continuity & Change”, at around 900 ce, The Mayan civilization collapsed. “Some reasons include overpopulation and accompanying ecological degradation, political competition, along with war”. One of those mysteries of the collapse of the Mayan Civilization includes climate change. According to Martin Medina-Elizalde an oceanographist,” The …show more content…

To me there is no better mystery then the climate changes that are thought to have changed the world. Back then the climate changes and rainfalls could have cause erosion on the Earth and have caused decay thus the Mayan ruins disappearing. One other thing to support onto that is that we have yet to figure out why those natural disaster occur. If you look at today we have seen many hurricanes forming in the ocean and as they move through hot waters there intensify, but the mystery is why are they formed and why do they cause such great destruction. All we do is receive clues but with research still being done today I believe that we can get down to the great mystery. Still today there is no certain clear theory on why the Mayan Civilization collapsed. I honestly don’t think that there will ever be a clear reason but there will be many theories: those the ones already created and those the will be created in the years to come. This will happen through testimonies and research in those indigenous

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