Disappearance Of The Mayans Essay

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The Mayans were known to be a calm civilization with their people. They extended from southeastern Mexico across modern-day Guatemala, Belize and the western parts of Honduras and El Salvador. But then one day they disappeared and nobody knows why. They could have moved to find better resources, or they could have all died. So i’m going to tell you all of my theories for how they might of disappeared or died. I picked all of the theories because they all had something either in common or they all just made sense. So first i’m going to talk about war, and in the text it said,“Mayans were obsessed with war.” (1) and this may have caused faime, besides the fact that whoever they were because if they were busy fighting in war and once the soldiers came home they would have to eat, and the Mayan civilization was very big, and if the Mayans were obsessed with war then they would…show more content…
Also food doesn't just grow over night so they couldn't just whip up food like we do today, the text also said, “One of the reasons for this famine stems from the Mayan practice of what is known as “slash and burn” agriculture,” (2) and this wasn't always good because the slash and burn technique didn't always work. A drought was also going on so this probably caused even more trouble to be going on. My other theory is Deasise, because in the text it says, “The high humidity in tropical areas, especially in Central America, make conditions for this disease very suitable, which is one reason why this disease is common to this area. Also, this disease is only deadly in areas where maize is cultivated year-long. The Mayans relied so heavily on the maize crop that farmers grew it throughout the entire year. If the maize crop was infected, it would make sense that the Mayans would abandon their urban centers since they might have had to “fend for themselves” to find enough food to survive.” (3) So this

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