Maya Angelou 's Graduation Speech

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The joy of the upcoming days getting close-up to a special event of her 8th graduation from Lafayette County Training School in Stamps, Arkansas was the main focus of Maya Angelou’s “Graduation.” A young African American flourishing scholar waiting with excitement and hope for her graduation moment, and to began a new journey in the real world. Angelou implies her overall excitement into the conflicts of issues that shows a reflection of societal problems that still occur in today’s society. It emphasizes how people have to be strong in everyday life as Maya Angelou did with all circumstances; referring to racism. All Maya’s dreams, hopes and expectations to her graduation day were suddenly shut by a white politician man known as Mr. Edward Donleavy gave his speech. A speech of insults to African Americans, and color people in general to their own qualities apart from Whites. Despite the people of Stamps, Arkansas evidently promotes graduation as an important special tradition ceremony, the fundamental experiences and declarations of Maya’s Angelou’s essay is a great demonstration for the readers to keep in mind that there are many obstacles in life but to never let the emotions to win in “Graduation.” Maya Angelou discloses the struggles in which it implies the effects of racism on a society: limited education possibilities, inequality/ (gender) discrimination, and yet as well, identity crisis (it can destroy a person’s self esteem) to examine indeed the effects in the adversity racial society. Maya Angelou’s addresses certain feelings of disappointment for the unequal opportunities in education. Her experiences of racism all started at a very young age and as years pass it became more intense. Of course, the main obvious experi... ... middle of paper ... ...ngelou considered in her essay to express the real world situations in society included: limited education possibilities, inequality/discrimination, and gender crisis. We live in one world of many colors. Every human being is unique in its way. For example, you can’t change the color of your skin, or race. These types of issues affect people’s lives and it’s the cause of racism. Although, racism still continues in today’s society, to overcome these negative effects the people must remember to overcome these obstancles. We are equal human beings. Maya Angelou’s overall purpose was to inform her life experience as an African American and to understand how she felt during this difficult time in her life in which she can be an example to the world that might be afraid to overcome this obstacle in life. Racism will always be an influence, but our actions make us strong.

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