Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman As A Phenomenal Woman

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The poem "Phenomenal Woman is a poetic poem that women can relate to. It is a celebration of womanhood and femininity It expresses the jealousy, difference, and attitude that women see towards each other and how mean persee them. Every stanza is filled with explanations on how a woman should be confident with the way she looks and reveals woman 's attributes as a phenomenal woman. Angelou tries to show her confidence by stating the body parts that show that confidence and inner strength. This can be seen every line of the poem. This shows her strong self-confidence when expressing the way she feels personally about herself. She shows that even though she is not the cute, petite, women that modern society deems as highly valuable, women do not have to look like a model to consider themselves beautiful, worth looking at. Women today put themselves down because they…show more content…
Her use of repetition, imagery and alliteration all helped the reader set the theme for her poem. The theme she tries to establish is of it is not how a woman looks or what she does that makes her phenomenal, but how she carries herself and her inner mystery. It 's about confidence in oneself. Maya Angelou had a very hard upbringing, poverty, a rape at a young age. She was a victim of discrimination, abuse by men, even turning to prostitution. She rebounded by finding the confidence and self-worth in herself. This poem is about how even though you may not be a classic beauty your beauty lies in you and is exuded in being confident and the ability to believe in yourself. It is about acceptance and appreciation who we are.It 's Self confidence, finding that beauty within regardless of other people 's perception. It 's knowing why you were made to be so much more than the average woman. It 's not ego or conceit. She is proud to be Maya Angelou.In a time where black women were not considered beautiful by any

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