Privilege Essay: Discrimination In Modern Society

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Privilege Paper Discrimination. Intersecting identities. Domination. In today’s society, people are criticized in others of their race, gender, abilities, age, etc., as those certain people are trying to destroy our humanity. Creating this problem in the society, will affect the social, political, and economic factors for many countries, also starting a war between different race or ethnicity. The role of being diversity in modern society, gives people to communicate better and have more confidence to express our opinions or beliefs. Intersectionality, is a study of meeting different groups with similar aspects/appearances, but they’re consider as inequality in the society or had faced discrimination; it relates to my privileged life by being…show more content…
Coming from a family who didn’t even graduate high school, who is trying his best to get a higher education and display the obstacles being faced throughout my life. In addition, the society will question themselves to see that some certain people with a different race or ethnicity are going to college. Above all, it creates a grudge against the terrible comments about how can these people go to college or have a higher education. Even if you are different, “It’s not your fault you were born with white skin…”, or any skin color, getting a higher education is something that improves the social, political, and economic factors of the nation (Crosley-Corcoran 1). It doesn’t matter what other people tell me or anyone, we make our lives and improve our community. Life without education or ideas from different identities, will destroy the relations between race, gender, or other…show more content…
As those interactions between different identities are being discriminated from other groups, and consider as a person without any equal rights or recognition. Being a Hispanic, low-class, or getting an education, it showed how we can change the society with our appearances, or allowing us to ignore the comments and fight against discrimination. By all means, people are more than a simple category or label, they are human beings that want to be recognized by others and see how stop racism, or any

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