Mass Media Violence And Violence Essay

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Mass media is part of our daily lives, it is said that it can influence a person’s choice, view or behavior. An increase in violent crimes in our society, have led people to blame mass media violence due to the fact that it can increase violent and aggressive behavior which will eventually lead to them committing a violent crime. Even though there are many factors that may contribute to these types of behaviors, can mass media really be that influential on us? There have been researches done to see if there is any link between mass media violence and violence and aggressive behavior. For example, the study done by Professor Bushman of Ohio State University, found out that people who played violent video games for three consecutive days showed an increase in aggression and hostile behavior (Larsen). Now there are those who disagree that mass media violence can influence an individual to behave violently or aggressively. Joshua Quittner, the author of the article “ARE VIDEO GAMES REALLY SO BAD?”, says that he likes to play the bloodier games like Samurai-slashing Bushido Blade and Tekken 2. He says does not feel that these games have altered his behavior or have hurt him in any way, instead he says that these games help improve his reflexes.
Recently our country has been plagued with many shootings, which have occurred in schools, government buildings, and in movie theaters. Studies have been done to find out if there are any links between mass media violence and killings that have occurred. For example the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, led to President Obama wanting to look into researching if there is any link between gun violence and mass media violence (Christian Science Monitor). According to police, who searche...

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...heory is that we are able to learn from the violence that is shown throughout the media. These theories that are out there are going to be hard embrace due to the fact of the past violent crimes that have occurred in our society. With all the violence out there in the media, has led to some people asking that mass media violence be banned or censored. The state of California tried to pass a law trying restricts violence but due to the First Amendment were denied by the Supreme Court. Trying to get rid of mass media violence in our society is and will be an impossible task, but by using other alternatives such as the one by the Federal Communication Commission we can cut down on the amount violence shown. Hopefully this will lead to a decrease in violent crimes in our society and stop violent crimes like the ones at Sandy Hook and at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C.

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