Mary Magnet Elementary School Case Study

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Mary Magnet Elementary School would like to build strong partnerships and relationships through communication among home, school and community to ensure students would have a successful outcome in their educational experience. It is the desire of all educator to help the students at Mary Magnet Elementary School reach their full potential in every area by providing a safe and welcoming environment, being supportive, encouraging risk taking and welcoming opportunities to share new ideas. We hope to instill the love of learning in all students as we share our own passion for learning with them. “Children have tremendous potential for success if they are provided the same support and guidance (Hjalmarson, 2011).” Mary Magnet Elementary School is creating this involvement plan to include parents in all aspects of the school. “The goal is a strong school-home partnership with teachers, principals, other staff, and the community that will help all students in the district to succeed (Rapides Parish Schools Title I ESEA District Family and Community Engagement Policy, n.d.)” It is important to get parents/caregivers and the community involved early on in order to provide students, teachers and schools the support needed to have a successful outcome. “Given the research, it is advisable for…show more content…
Community member can come in and volunteer at different school events and donate resources such as money, food, and supplies. Collaborating with different organizations in the community is a great way to teach the students to care about and want to give back to their community. “There are many reasons for developing school, family, and community partnerships. They can improve school programs and school climate, provide family services and support, increase parents’ skills and leaderships, connect families with others in the school and in the community, and help teachers with their work (Epstein,

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