Martha Stewart Influences

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An orange jump suit, handcuffs, and a jail cell seems like the life of a criminal, but what about a celebrity worth $638 million? For five long months that life was Martha Stewarts. Though Stewart was already a famous business women, this situation caused an abundance of drama and commotion. Stewart overcame this, by serving her time and becoming better, which is something she learned from her parents and throughout college. While prison was a challenge, she overcame it, and has impacted lives all over the nation since. One of the biggest influences she had growing up were her parents, a sixth grade teacher and a pharmaceutical salesman. Both her parents worked hard for the money they earned, which they taught their six children. Not only that, but the Kostyra’s tried to instill discipline and organization in each of their children, which led to Martha’s natural role as a businesswoman. Along with that, each day they all had various chores, but as the oldest girl in the family, Martha was expected to step up and be a role model for her other siblings, stated Ann Kerns book Martha Stewart. She also helped her father plant the garden and helped her mother with laundry, cleaning and anything else that needed to be done (Kerns, 15). While all of these things were chores, Martha enjoyed it. When other kids were playing games, she would want to cook or garden. “She was drawn to gardening and did not mind spending hours weeding and cultivating in the hot sun,” considered the article “Martha Stewart” from the database Biography in Context. Thus, she turned her chores into a million dollar career, but first she had to get through high school. Which turned out to be simple for Stewart as she was top in her class and excelled in most every... ... middle of paper ... ...sider decorating the home an expensive project, Stewart teaches how to make inexpensive items, look expensive. She helps women express themselves in their homes, but not only that she taught people how to deal struggles. It isn’t easy to go to prison, but coming out with a smile and looking even better than before truly showed men and women what a role model she is. In conclusion, Martha Stewart has impacted Americans for years. Her childhood and background were crucial in beginning her fame, and although she had a small hold up, she overcame it and showed people how to face problems. While an orange jumpsuit, hand cuffs, and a jail cell don’t seem like the life of a celebrity worth $638 million, it is the life of a hard working woman who has faced many challenges. Martha Stewart has set and example and will forever be a role model for women all around the nation.
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