Martha Washington Influence On Women

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Martha Washington was the first, first lady of The United States of America and she disliked many parts of this job. But because of her courage, loyalty, and bravery, she got through life. Not only was Martha the first, first lady but she played other roles including being a mother of four, a spouse, a great cook, a leader, and many others. Today Martha Washington inspires so many women to do and accomplish what they want in life.
Martha Washington was born on June 2,1731. She grew up in New Kent County, Virginia and was the first of eight children born to John Dandridge and Frances Jones. With this many children, there had to be a lot of strict rules which John and Francis expected their children to follow. Education was also valued and Martha was tutored, along with her siblings. After age twelve, martha quit tutoring and began learning the basic house chores. In her free time, Martha would sew, knit, and help her mother cook.
After seven years of learning the basic house chores, Martha started looking for a husband. At age 19, Martha was married to Daniel Parke Custis. When they were wed, they moved into a big house called “The White House”. One year after they got married, Martha and Daniel Custis had their …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that martha washington was the first, first lady of the united states of america. she disliked many parts of this job, but because of her courage, loyalty, and bravery, she got through life.
  • Explains that martha washington was the first of eight children born to john dandridge and frances jones.
  • Narrates how martha and daniel custis had their first child, daniel jr., and two years later, frances. they had two children, john parke "jacky" and patsy.
  • Narrates how martha washington was on the lookout for a man when her first husband died. george and martha married on january 6, 1759.
  • Explains how martha washington spent most of her free time directing the house help, including the slaves, when george was a general in the revolutionary war.
  • Explains that martha washington disliked being the first lady because she was lonely, her husband was working most of the time, and her arrangements in her new lifestyle were not ideal.
  • Explains that martha was relieved after her husband's terms as president were over in 1797. however, her life did not return to how she thought it would. george and martha had many visitors at their home, "mount vernon".
  • Narrates how martha did not get out of her home much in her later life. george washington died at their home from epiglottitis, a bad throat infection, and his remains went to the capitol building.
  • Explains that martha washington died of a terrible fever in her home on may 22,1802. she was 70 years old and had almost nothing left of her husband.
  • Analyzes martha washington's courage, loyalty, and bravery. she did not like being first lady but made a positive thing out of it while helping others in need.

Because at this point in time it was expected that women should be married, Martha was on the lookout for a man. Martha came across a man who she soon started “courting” by the name of George Washington. Because the courtship went so well, they started planning their wedding. George and Martha Washington got married on January 6, 1759. Because they needed somewhere to live, George and Martha Washington rented a house from the family of George’s brother. They immediately went to live in their new home that was called “Mount Vernon”. George and Martha ended up inheriting Mount Vernon because george’s brother and most of his family that was willing to take care of the house,

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