Marketing Tactics for Businesses

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Marketing is the process by which a product or service is created and is then priced, endorsed, and distributed to customers. It is a vital strategy implemented for business (Internet marketing, 2013). There are different types of marketing, which can be helpful from small businesses up to large businesses.
As time passes by, marketing is adjusting to the new technology that is being developed. From traditional marketing, there came the online marketing, which is a more modern way of selling products and services with the internet. By just having computers or laptop opened, internet on, and browser ready, someone can take a look on the new products and services available.
They are the two broadest categories of marketing which describe the medium employed by business. Traditional marketing, which have been in use for many years is now facing competition from online marketing, which has brought in new innovative ways of doing business for companies. (Internet marketing, 2013)
But businesses have questions that are in need of answers. Which form of marketing should be adopted to get more customers? What strategy will offer better benefits and give better profits? To answer these, advantages and disadvantages is discussed in this paper.
Traditional marketing, although being stepped on by online marketing, has advantages on both the consumers and the business. Traditional marketing is already tried and tested for it is used many years up to now, and buyers are already familiar with it. People are comfortable with buying the goods offline or the traditional way because it is not risky and selling products from person to person is an efficient strategy. The buyer and the salesman can have an efficient way of marketing that are affected...

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...ghaei, & Abyari, 2012). Both use the web to promote their advertisements of their product.
“Many direct marketers have adopted the Web as a new channel for their promotions and catalogs, but they have not yet capitalized on its full set of interactive marketing capabilities. To take full advantage of the Web's vast marketing opportunities, marketers must integrate electronic commerce with their other traditional marketing channels to create a true multi-media marketing initiative. Essential to this integration is the application of the same database marketing techniques used to drive traditional direct marketing campaigns.” (Rowsom, 1998, para. 6)
Given the information above, the decision is still up to the person who is taking the final decision. Incorporating market research into your marketing plan will help you decide how your target market will best be reached.
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