Marketing Strategy for Cadburys

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Marketing Strategy


The following few pages which follow help to show overall how and

which types of strategies on various things based on Marketing

strategies can help Cadburys in launching there new product. Marketing

strategy is a plan of action which is used by many businesses around

the world, which helps the business meet its aims and objectives, it

can also assist a business when launching a new product as it helps to

identify which different strategies would be best to use. Marketing

strategies can be split into two main categories which are:

· Short-Term

· Long-Term

Short-term strategies help a business to focus mainly on the four P’s,

product, price, place and promotion which are vital to all businesses,

as these four features are the main things which help a business to

achieve objectives if they are used correctly. On the other we have

long-term strategies which are used to plan the future actions of a

business, this can include producing tables such as a ansoff matrix

which helps a business to decide on many things such as, whether to

launch a new product or to improve previous products, overall making

the right decisions on which type of strategy to use is vital,

especially in the case of Cadburys as it helps to decide how to launch

a new cereal bar, to ensure that they reach maximum sales. Throughout

the next few pages I will discuss possible short-term and long-term

strategies which Cadburys could use, indicating which type of strategy

in each case would be the most useful to help them achieve success

with there new product.

Ansoff Matrix


A ansoff matrix can be used to identify and show various types of

growth strategies, many firm’s such as Cadburys could benefit from the

use of a ansoff matrix as it helps to focus on the firm’s present and

possible products as well as the markets. The main thing a ansoff

matrix helps to identify is possible ways for a business to grow; this

can include improving previous products or producing new products.

The following table shows the different choices of growth available to

many firms such as Cadburys:

Existing Products

New products



Market Penetration

Product Development



Market Development


Market Penetration – This is when a firm tries to achieve growth using

existing products in there current market segment, to try and increase

its market share.

Product Development – This is when a firm targets a new product at

there current market segment.

Market Development – This is when a firm seeks growth by targeting

there existing products at a new market.

Diversification – This is when a firm tries to diversify into new

businesses by producing new products to aim at a new market.

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