Marketing Mix for Manchester United Product

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Marketing Mix for Manchester United Product: A massive sports store selling Manchester united.



Strategic marketing: defined by Stevens, Loudon, Wrenn, and Warren


‘Consisting of the complete plan for the accomplishments of the

organisation’s mission statements and stated objectives’

And by Hiebing and Cooper (1995)

‘Marketing strategy is a statement detailing how an individual

marketing objective will be achieved, and describes the method for

accomplishing the objective’

Whereas market strategies are a system designed to help make the

decisions that will create a fit between your organisations goals and

resources and changing market opportunities’ (Gray 1991).

Manchester United:

A massive and possibly the richest club in world football today,

Started off in 1878, as a small town club originally called

‘Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Newton Heath’. Became professional

in 1885 and adopted Manchester United in 1905.

Marketing Mix for Manchester United


* Hugely Successful European football team.

* A massive sports store selling Manchester united products (e.g.

football’s boots, lunchboxes team kits etc...).

* The personal images of being a winning team so making the

supporters believe they are winners.

* The game experience including, food, drink, entertainment before

and at half time and the match).

* Images of idols. E.g. idol to kids is Wayne Rooney, older

generation Bobby Charlton or Eric Cantona.

* M.U.T.V. A television station on sky giving fans an insider’s view

to the clubs history, present and future goings on.

* M.U. finance. A selection of credit cards, insurances, savings,

mortgages and loans.

* M.U....

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...n to ensure compatibility of its

recommendations with EU law.


• Large Fan base

• Large facilitated club stadium

• Constant income from tickets to kits to insurance

• Have partnerships with major brands such as Nike, Vodaphone and



• Many fans live abroad and cannot attend games regularly

• Are Manchester’s products such as insurance market orientated?

• Losing fans to Chelsea


• To gain the fan base of USA and parts of Asia

• partnerships could lead to bigger market share

• Young idols appearing which most kids want to copy. E.g. Wayne


• Wage cap means some clubs can’t afford certain players

• Team can attract big name players


• Chelsea

• Peter Kenyon's move to Chelsea

• Real Madrid's control over Asia

• No longer having David Beckham

• Britain’s economic slow down