The Business of Soccer in America

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The Business of Soccer in America

Soccer (Football) is said to be the world’s most popular sport in the world, USA are one the few countries where soccer isn't the main sport. The beautiful game is a game of passion; fans coming together to form a ‘religion’ but all this fun and excitement come down to money. The football business is one that generates a great deal of revenue from betting to tickets, TV and shirts sponsorship and transfer deals. You can argue it’s the richest sport in the world. Here in America we are late boomers to the soccer craze, which is why our league isn't as strong as other like the Barclays Premier League, LA LIGA, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A etc. In the year 1996, MLS was founded and the association was not favorably disposed to by the general public. As time went by, more Americans accepted and grew interest in sport. The Major League Soccer and United States Soccer Association (USSA) have since had hard time attracting revenue due to numerous problems.

While looking at these numerous problems I remember at a time my uncle told me that the business of soccer is good business, there is so much wealth to the be tapped if done correctly. The bad transfer system makes it difficult for European based players to move the United States. Average players like Kaka have tried to move to clubs like Los Angeles and have had deal not been able to go through because we have an Americanized sports version of a salary cap, so that everything is fair. In life and sports “Survival of the fittest” so why make an artificial environment that counter to nature? Players who deserve high wages like superstars deserve it and should have to suffer for one who performs subpar. These caps makes superstars like Kaka, Fran...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that soccer is the richest sport in the world, but america is late boomers to the craze, which is why its league isn't as strong as other leagues.
  • Opines that the bad transfer system makes it difficult for european based players to move to the united states. players who deserve high wages like superstars deserve it and should suffer for one who performs subpar.
  • Opines that sepp blatter's comments on the mls, the first division of pro soccer in the united states, are right about the strength of the league.
  • Argues that putting mls on the international calendar to compete with nfl playoffs, the burden of the nba and nhl seasons, plus the mlb flag race is a good idea...even in the cold of winter.
  • Opines that the mls has been a dustbin for old players coming to america for joy rides before they retire. youth are the future of both the league and the country’s wealth in talent to take to the world cup.
  • Explains that real salt lake in casa grande, arizona are the pioneer in having young players in their camps and teams that gets professional contrast straight out of high school which has been the secret behind their lately found success.
  • Explains that the mls currently has too few teams to make use of a system of promotion and relegation. this could never happen under the current system.
  • Opines that the league needs to make it easier for personal investment. not every team has to have a home base in metropolitan areas and not every metropolis needs just one or two teams.
  • Opines that mls needs to be better with the way we bring new talents to professional level. players should be forced to pick their country or club because of a calendar issue.
  • Opines that signing over-the-hill david beckham isn't the shot in the arm the league needs; it's bad medicine.
  • Analyzes how major league soccer has bigger issues than just poor tv ratings. sepp blatter takes a swing at mls.

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