Marketing Analysis: Gatorade's New G Series Campaign

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I have chosen to assess Gatorade’s new G Series campaign. It consists of three separate products that are each to be used at a certain point in athletic activity. The first is 01PRIME (, pictured to the right), it is to be taken 15 minutes prior to activity and has components very similar to an energy drink. It is high in B-vitamins and electrolytes, it’s meant to give a burst of energy right before a workout or competition. The second product is 02PERFORM (, pictured to the left), which is their original product they’ve been selling for 40 years. It is meant to be consumed during an activity. The only changes are the fancy new name and updated packaging. The third is 03RECOVER (, pictured below), it is to be taken post-exercise. The product is high in protein and helps the body recover from its exertion. It is comparable to many other post-exercise protein drinks but it also claims to be the first of which that actually quenches your thirst. The audience Gatorade is trying to reach is athletes that want to maximize their effectiveness at their given sport. They are also trying to aggressively penetrate two new markets, energy drinks and post-exercise protein drinks, that they have not previously thrived in, using their flagship beverage as part of the campaign. This campaign is currently running and has been for most of 2010.

The main slogan of the campaign is “The Game Has Evolved”. It attempts to drive home the point that as sports have evolved, Gatorade is doing its part to make sure the way you hydrate yourself does as well. This ( is one of the first commercials I saw for this campaign. It shows older footage of athletes playing with subpar eq...

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...rkout protein shake companies like Muscle Milk

(, as seen to the left) focus on image and physical appearance. Going to the gym so someone can look better at the beach and date more women. Gatorade is trying something new and using their current dominance in the sports drink industry to catapult them into these new markets.

This method seems to be highly effective from the outset. From what I have seen, being involved in many athletic activities, these new products have been popping up more and more frequently. I have even tried them myself. It is intriguing to see if performance really will improve by following the regimen Gatorade has provided. It is still too soon to tell if they will be extremely financially beneficial to Gatorade but they have been decisive, deliberate, and clear in their message to their consumers.
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