Gatorade vs. Water

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Is it in you? Have you ever wondered if Gatorade really gives you a competitive edge over H2O (water) in an athletic event or while training? I’ve seen countless commercials and have always pondered the thought; can this sports drink really give you the edge you need? I mean, professional athletes from Michel Jordan to Tiger Woods have endorsed this drink and given it the reputation is has today. I myself was a believer that water was better than Gatorade until I wrote this paper. Now I believe that Gatorade has far more nutritional value than water, because it provides essential minerals, carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Early summer, about forty-eight years ago in 1965, University of Florida assistant football coach, Dwayne Douglas, sat down and wondered why so many of his players were suffering from heat strokes and heat related illnesses during games or practice. So, he went to the university physicians and asked them to determine why this was happening. Not long after it was discovered that two key factors were causing the Florida Gator players to suffer from these conditions: the fluids and electrolytes the players were losing during the events were not being put back into the body, and the massive amounts of carbohydrates the players' bodies used for energy were not being replenished. So, he decided to create Gatorade. There are plenty of Gurus out there who will sit and tell you that water is natural and it’s the best thing you could ever put into your body, but let’s get real I’ll take scientifically proven research over someone’s “word” any day. (Rovell 58)

So, this begs the question, what is Gatorade? Gatorade is the name of a popular sports drink that is often consumed and endorsed by athletes who are taki...

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...ction correctly. To help replace the electrolytes that are sweated out, Gatorade's recipe includes a carefully balanced mixture of these same electrolytes to keep the body hydrated and working properly. This is essential in environments where the body is pushed to its limits athletically.

Through this evidence, Gatorade is the most essential drink on the planet when it comes to revitalizing and replenishing the body. This is why top athletes in professional sports endorse and use this produce. The commercial for Gatorade ask “Is it in you?” Gatorade and other numerous sports drinks have become a very important part of today’s sports market, and it seems to be with good reason. Research has confirmed that for the most part, the claims made by companies such as Gatorade about the effectiveness of their sports drinks are true. Gatorade is a useful sports drink.
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