Margaret Mary Bell of "Galatea"

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In the short story “Galatea,” Margaret Mary Bell meets William Bell when she’s at a playground with her sister. Margaret and William end up getting together and getting married pretty quickly. Suddenly one by one Margaret’s belongings disappear and she doesn’t understand why William is doing this. William ends up leaving Margaret and leaves her with nothing and no reasons why he took the stuff or himself away from her. She ends up finding out that William is the Collegetown Creeper. Margaret definitely stood out to me after reading “Galatea.” There are some characteristics of her that I liked, and others that I thought were a little ridiculous. Margaret is a nice girl who wants to find love and be loved but she doesn’t really know what love is. “I wondered if this was love, this constant reclamation, this rush to reassure.” (43) In this quote, it clearly shows that she hasn’t been in love before. You can also tell that she is a little new and naive when it comes to love. When William calls Margaret she’s so giddy that I don’t think she really stops and uses her head. In a way I ...

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