Helen Keller

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Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880 in Alabama to Arthur and Kate Keller. Helen Keller was an American author, lecturer and a political activist. At the age of nineteenth months Helen was diagnosed with an illness called "brain fever" leaving her to be deaf and blind for the rest of her life. Growing up Helen gave her parents problems. She was always breaking and running into things so her parents sent her to a school for the blind. In the fall of 1890 she enrolled at Radcliffe College and became the first blind and deaf person to attend a higher level learning institution. After graduating college Helen spent many years traveling the world helping people overseas who were blind. After a series of strokes she retired from traveling in 1961 and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom award. On June 1,1968 Helen died in her sleep. Helen is remember for many things that she did throughout her life. At the age of eight she was learning different languages, she learned to talk and read peoples lips by putting her fingers on their mouth. Helen was also a writer, she wrote a total of twelve books one of the earliest she wrote was at the age 11 called The Frost King. Despite the fact that she was both blind and deaf she was able to come over many obstacles and do many things any normal person was able to do. On January 5, 1916 at Carnegie Hall in New York, Helen Keller made her Strike Against War speech.
On January 5th, Helen stood in front of thousands of people encouraging them not to participate in the war. Her goal was to make people realize that they were not living the perfect life. That all they had to do was take a stand towards the government and the government could do something about it. Helen wanted them to "strike...

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...ern. At the beginning Helen is telling everyone that what she is saying is true, that they shouldn't not believe her just because she is blind and deaf because her sources are true. She shows hope for the workers, even though the government is robbing them all of their money they still have a way out. They just have to be willing to put up a stand towards the government. Helen is also showing concern for the workers and their family she doesn't want people wasting their time when there will be nothing benefiting them in the future.
If I could ask Helen Keller one question, it would be how did she do it? She faced all the odds and lived a successful life despite the fact that she was blind and deaf. She inspired people to stand up for what they believe in and to stand up for themselves. She had a plan for America and it was to create a revolution and end the war.

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