Maniac Magee: Differences Between Book And Movie

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When I got done reading the book Maniac Magee, I was excited to watch the movie, however the movie was a total letdown. There are so many differences between the book and movie. In the movie, Maniac Magee has a different personality, the plot events are different, the minor characters are different, and the event that unites the blacks and whites together is changed. Overall Maniac Magee is the same character in the book as he is in the movie. However, in the book, the author made Maniac Magee sound quiet and he kind of kept to himself, but in the movie Maniac was outgoing, he stood up for himself, and talked a lot. For instance, it says in the book “He didn’t do much talking, but he didn’t have to. Hands down did it for him.” (55, Magee) Maniac Magee was playing football with the high schoolers and was juking them so Hands Down was trash talking the other team who Magee was juking. I like how the book illustrated Magee’s personality better because in the movie, Maniac Magee’s personality was cheesy. …show more content…

First of all in the beginning of the movie it has Maniac Magee at his parent’s funeral and he runs away straight to Two Mills. In the book Maniac is with his relatives and he can’t stand the fighting between his aunt and his uncle so he runs to Two-Mills. I like this part of the book better because I think the situation of why he runs away is more interesting. Another set of plot events in the book that are different are the three plot events that Maniac goes through when he first comes to Two-Mills. In the movie the same three plot events that are at the beginning of the book are distributed all throughout the movie. I like this about the book better because when the movie puts the three plot events in there are terrible

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