The Outsiders: Comparison Of Book And Movie

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The “Outsiders” film and novel are very wonderful in many ways. The movie and book are similar in many ways. When you get to the beginning, middle, or end u realize they are both very different. The movie and book have a lot in common like they both have the same characters .
.cherry, Dally, and Two-bit.
Like when johnny and ponyboy killed the soc .
Bob was the soc they killed, so he died . they may be similar in many ways but they both are very different to.
One way the novel and film are very different is that in middle Darry doesn't slaps him.
In the novel Darry slaps him and he runs out the front door.
In the film he gets pushed on the ground.
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But in the novel they prefer the East and West side they live on.
Another major difference is that in the film there’s no farmer.
And in the novel there,s a farmer.
Another difference is Two-bit loves mickey mouse in the film
But in the novel sodas the one who loves mickey mouse.
There’s a lot of differences between the film and novel. The “Outsiders” film and novel are very similar and different in many ways.
Although they have differences,they have a lot of similarities between each other.
They were alike in characters, plots, and how they can see the sunsets.
They are both wonderful, interesting, and
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