Making a New Family

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Amy Vice, a beautiful but neglected housewife, wakes up to another mundane day. Her husband, Roger, rejects her sexual advances then proceeds to ignore and demean her attempts at polite conversation. He leaves for work without saying goodbye. After he departs, Amy takes her coffee outside to enjoy the weather in her tree-lined family friendly New Orleans neighborhood. Amy yearns for a child of her own, a gift her husband is unable to give. So obscured by the privacy hedge that borders her yard, she watches with envy as parents walk and play with their children. This morning Amy receives a surprise visitor; a five year old little girl named Emma is playing hide-and-go-seek with her father. She runs into Amy's yard to hide behind the bushes. Amy is immediately drawn to Emma; she's super cute and mischievous to boot. Amy is affected by this clever little girl, but she is aroused by her father. When Owen Carpenter follows Emma into Amy's yard time stops. Though their first meeting is short, their mutual attraction creates sparks than even Emma can detect. Meanwhile, the hostility between Amy and Roger remains intact. Over dinner, Roger argues with Amy about his abhorrence of left-overs and Amy confronts him about their marital problems. Roger's infertility makes him defensive and hostile and Amy responds in kind. The constant fighting and unhappiness with Roger has Amy thinking about returning to her old job as a teacher. While out running errands the next day, she runs into an old colleague, Beth Ann McGill, who suggests that Amy volunteer in her class a few days a week, to get back in the swing of things. Amy agrees, and Roger has something else to complain about. Things aren't so great in the Carpenter household either. Owen's... ... middle of paper ... ... heart to heart. Amy and Lucas bond further after she explains how a drunk driver killed her mother and they agree to be friends. Lucas takes advantage of their newfound friendship the following week at school. He tells the principal that Amy is his father's girlfriend when he gets in trouble and convinces her to summon Amy instead of his father Amy is wise to his game; she knows that Lucas is using her to deflect his father's anger. On the way home they run into Owen and Emma, who are on their way to the park. Amy gives Lucas advise on how to talk to his father, and plays with Emma so that they can talk. Months go by and we see how Owen and Amy's relationship has developed. In the end, Lucas has transferred to private school and Amy is pregnant. They all touch Amy's belly to feel the new life squirming within and they all lived happily ever a family.
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