Making a Model of a City

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Making a Model of a City We went to North Yorkshire to a town called Malton (Malton has a total population of 10,000 people, but the town is split in to two. Malton population of 4,000 and Norton population of 6,000) to look at the town and to compare it to two models (burges,hoyts) We tried to think if Malton would look like either of them. We thought it would look more like Hoyt as there is a river going through Malton - well actually by Malton in-between Malton and Norton. We are also going to count the people and cars in certain areas of the town. Plus go around town seeing which areas are residential or manufacturing and so on. We also did a survey at certain points in the town seeing what type of buildings there were, how clean it was, how noisy, how populated. So many people doing this survey over a wide area would get the right amount of data needed for our model of Malton, know where the main traffic flow is and what is the main indicators for the C.B.D. Aims The aims of this project are to make a model of Malton and measure the traffic and pedestrian flow. Earlier we studied two models which were Burgess which and Hoyt so we would know what we were making. We had to decide which of the models we thought Malton looked like. Our first hypotheses was that Malton would look like Hoyt as Malton has a river running through the middle of it so the industry would be along its banks as it can be used for transport, cooling dumping. The second hypotheses is that the traffic would be heavier in the C.B.D as there are more shops, smaller roads and more people want to be there. Over all we were lucky as the day was perfect for our survey. It was not too hot or warm so people would come in to town and it was not cold so people stayed away.
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