Major Life Event Essay

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A major life event is bound to have a strong impact on our person, hence the “major” part. These major life events can change how we deal with society and even change the way we once perceived ourselves as part of society. A major life event that I went through was the death of a close friend while we were at a social event. I was a teenager at the time and did not make the best decisions during high school. This happened to be one of them. It was a Friday and my friends and I had decided that we would skip school for the day and head out towards Kern River, skipping one day did not seem like such a big deal at the time. So we headed up towards an area where we could cliff jump into the river. Despite our community’s firm advocacy on staying…show more content…
It is a situation that I would not wish on anybody and so many factors and emotions go into it that you cannot really predict how anyone would react. Although after reading this chapter and taking a step back to evaluate the event I realized that out of the many girls that were there I was the only one in the mist of all the boys that jumped in the water to try and save Alfonzo. I believe everyone has their complex reasoning for their actions so it is hard to pin point one possible factor as the leading influence to their actions. Factors like gender socialization, agency, and referential beliefs are some of many that in my opinion could have had even an unconscious influence on making the decision to jump in the water.
Personally the agent that has had the most influence on me would be referential belief. Not only in this major event in my life but every other aspect as well. I believe what set me apart from every other girl there was the belief that my contribution to getting my friend out of the water was just as important as that of the boys. Our culture has embedded a mentality that boy are the ones that will save the day and boys are the most valuable players. So because I do not believe in this it contributed to my decision
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