Mahatma Gandhi, Athenian

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In this world, there are two kinds of persons and every person in the world either has a good side or an evil side. In “My Graduation Speech” by Neil postman, Mahatma Gandhi shows some characteristics of an Athenian. Athenians took interest in public affairs and the improvement of public behaviour and so did Gandhi. He also inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. Mahatma Gandhi believed that the wrong acts done by people are acts of violence against the social order and Athenians believed in that also. Mahatma Gandhi was a good public figure, placed a great value on tradition and culture and was a non-violent person. Mahatma Gandhi was a good public figure. People used to respect him and used to appreciate his ideologies and believes. He was a firm believer in one’s own self and used to lay emphasis on one’s own character and strength. These qualities made him a good public figure in the sense that the people used to follow him. His examples motivated many people around the world. People used to call him as “Bapu” meaning father of the nation. Athenians strived for grace and precision and so did Mahatma Gandhi by starting various movements. He even went to prison just for the sake of saving his country by not being what Britishers wanted him to be. His thinking was based on the perspective that any person should not say anything offensive to anyone, should not hear anything bad or insulting and should not perceive anything that would cause harm or injury. Similarly Athenians took initiative in public affairs and also took part in the improvement of public matters. Athenians were good people who understood the rules and regulations of the society and knew how to abide by them without harming anyone. Maha... ... middle of paper ... ...o live, they long to live. To all, life is dear”. He was a propaganist of non-violent movement which was started against Britishers who tried to invade India. Gandhi believed in the ideology of non-violence as he said “Non-violence is a weapon of the strong”. From the above facts, it can be said that Mahatma Gandhi was an Athenian. Mahatma Gandhi was interested in public affairs, respected tradition and culture of every individual and was a true saint. He was interested in the improvement of public behaviour and public matters and so was Athenians. He was also an inspiring person who inspired civil rights movement and freedom across the world. He believed that no harm should be done to any human being as well as Athenians believed in that. Every person in this world is either considered a good or a bad person depending upon the person’s characteristics or nature.
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