Greek Values In The Hellenic Era

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In the Hellenic era from 500 to 338 BCE, the Greeks had many major values. These values include Greek mythology, social roles, war, agriculture, and government. Some of the values are still present today. Greek mythology is still prevalent in the modern Greek society and western society because it is still studied today. The Greeks’ view on social roles is one of the ideas that are not shared in modern society but were widespread in past culture. The Greek agricultural and political values are used in modern society because like the Greeks our society revolves around agriculture and trade and both of our governments are both democratic. The view of war in ancient Greece is currently shared, but just not in the same way. Our war values are not as strict. The Greek values are explained and expanded upon below.
Religiously the Greeks thought highly of their gods and goddesses. Greek mythology is comprised of tales that describe adventures of the Gods and how they came to be. The Greek people believed that their deities controlled their destiny. If they did all that the Gods asked them to then their lives would be fruitful and rewarding. If the people did not do as the Gods
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The Spartan labor was done by slaves called helots acquired after the Messenian War in the 8th century BCE. Because the slaves completed all the labor the Spartan citizens were able to focus on military affairs. Military training for the war started at a young age. At age seven boys were required to start participating in group training, marching drills, and athletic competitions. When the boys reach the age of twelve they are sent to live in the barracks and learn to fight with weapons until they are twenty years old. Once they reach the age of twenty their ten years of active service in the hoplite army. The Spartans were concerned with the strength of their army because they did not want to be wiped out by another
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