Madness In King Lear

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In the play King Lear by William Shakespeare the characters in the play show many different symptoms and forms of madness. Madness is the state of being mentally ill, examples of madness are insanity, foolishness, idiocy and many more. Three characters in King Lear show symptoms of some madness; King Lear portrays true insanity, Edmund 's madness allows evil and manipulation, while the Fools form of madness is used to hide truths that need to be told. Insanity, the state of being seriously mentally ill; a form of madness. In the beginning, Lear displays perhaps one of his most lethal errors in the entire play. When Cordelia refuses to lie as her sisters did of her affection for him, he refuses to have her in his kingdom.“Good my lord,…show more content…
Lear needs to feel a sense of closure and he is trying to fill a void in him that he thinks Poor Tom can, Lear believes that by having someone who is going through the same type of madness and situation he would not be alone and he would have someone he can relate with. Lear brings Poor Tom with him as his personal Philosopher. Additionally, Lear holds an imaginary court trial against his two daughters Regan and Goneril “I 'll see their trial first. Bring in their evidence.” (3.6.36) Lear tries to restore order and sanity back in his life but does it in an insane way like the imaginary trial. He brings Poor Tom with him and has him play the role of the judge. Lear believes that is it the fault of the two daughter that cause him to go…show more content…
He is the rejected illegitimate son of Gloucester, who only cares for his own blood-son Edgar. Edmund, in the beginning of Act 1, casts an illusion that his stepbrother Edgar is trying to kill their father. “If our father would sleep till I waked him, you should enjoy half his revenue for ever, and live the beloved of your brother.” (1.2.52-4) Edmund writes a letter to himself forging his brother 's signature to make it seem like it came from Edger. Edmund reveals the letter to their father Gloucester causing him to get angry at Edgar. Edmund also convinces Edgar to flee the kingdom because their father is angry at him “My father watches. O sir, fly this place! / Intelligence is given where you are hid”(2.1.20-1). Edmund is trying to cast an illusion of being the good loyal son, while in reality he is trying to take over their father 's wealth. Edmund is the evil son. In addition, Edmund shows his true form of evil madness when he betrays his own father and tells Cornwall about the letter Gloucester gave him to hide, the letter that proves Gloucester 's allegiance to King Lear and the invasion of the French army. “How malicious is my fortune that I must represent / to be just! This is the letter he spoke of, which approves him an intelligent party to the advantages of France.” (3.5.7-10) Edmund is power hungry and will do anything to get the power he thinks he deserves, even if
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