Real Madness And Madness In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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In Lewis Carol’s, Alice in Wonderland, he tells of the meeting between two of his characters, Alice, and the Mad Hatter. Carol writes about the struggles the young girl Alice has with him due to the fact that he appears to be entirely crazy, though the question stands if there is some method to his madness. Playwright and actor, William Shakespeare, uses this controversial connection between real madness and loss in his play Hamlet, portrayed in his characters Hamlet, and his crazed actions towards his loved ones, in Ophelia and her reaction to the death of her father, and lastly, in his character Laertes and his quick, rash reaction to act upon his desire for revenge.

Of the only two female roles in Hamlet, Ophelia, exhibits the greatest …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how lewis carol's alice in wonderland tells of the meeting between alice and the mad hatter. shakespeare uses this controversial connection between real madness and loss in his play hamlet.
  • Analyzes how ophelia, the only female role in hamlet, exhibits the greatest symptoms of madness after the death of her father, polonius.
  • Analyzes how shakespeare's hamlet is inspired by his main character and the meeting with his father’s ghost.
  • Analyzes how laertes pushes any concern about the consequences of his actions aside and decides that revenge upon hamlet is more important.
  • Analyzes how hamlet's madness is apparent in laertes, the son of polonius and the brother of ophelia.
  • Analyzes how the controversy of real madness versus feigned is detrimental to the plot of shakespeare's hamlet.

All of the madness in the play originates from Hamlet and the meeting with his father’s ghost. Here, Hamlet discovers the truth of his father’s death and the emotional affairs between Hamlet’s uncle, the now King, and his widowed mother. Despite the Ghost’s warning to leave his mom out of the problem, Hamlet confronts his mother about the events preceding his father’s death and the current state of the royal court. All the while, hiding behind a nearby curtain Polonius listens to the conversation. The way Hamlet is acting frightens the Queen and she cries out for help. Polonius in turn shouts giving away his hiding place. Unsheathing his sword, Hamlet leaps towards the wall hanging and stabs through it, killing Polonius who Hamlet mistakes as the King. He returns to his mother, and continues ranting to her about the differences between his murdered father and uncle. Then, the Ghost appears to Hamlet and chides him for the rough way he’s been treating his mother. At the sight of Hamlet’s unseen conversation, the Queen …show more content…

The quickest take over of madness is exhibited in Hamlet’s love interest, Ophelia. The most important example of madness is shown in Hamlet after his meeting with the Ghost and his plot for revenge upon his uncle. The most unexpected example of madness is in Laertes who in a fit of rage loses all gentleman like qualities and almost upsets the kingdom. All of these characters add up to the idea that to lose someone a person cares about dearly, ultimately ends in losing one’s composure and going mad. If we take away anything from Shakespeare’s play, it should be that each of us should think over our decisions prior to making them to insure we don’t have the same fate as the characters stated

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