King Lear Character Analysis

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King Lear’s play was something that I had never read before. It was so confusing to me, the way they talked with such big words. The characters in the play were so competitive, and selfish. Lear’s daughters were so cruel, except for Cordelia. She actually wanted to take care of her father unlike the other two girls that were just into Lear’s materials. The way Goneril and Regan rather he stays outside in the crazy thunderstorm, instead of him staying with them. The girls were already so envious and competitive with each other; the situation didn’t make it any better. Lear just wanted to love on them, and them love and give him attention, but he couldn’t get that from them. The women in the play controlled the men, while the men listened to them while they demanded orders.
The two daughters are mad, because they heard about Lear dividing his kingdom. They don’t want to have to have to divide it; they wanted to control the whole thing. They don’t want Cordelia to control the kingdom because they are too envious towards her. Lear is trying hard to gain his daughters love from them, but it’s hard because they are into the materialistic stuff, that they don't care about him.
The main act that I wanted to focus on was act four. I couldn't believe how they plucked out Gloucester's eyes, and stepped on them... very horrifying! On scene one, Gloucester explains how is he had his eye sight, he would do everything in his power to see his son once more. When Edgar finds out about what happened to his father, he is horrified. He can’t believe they did that to him. Lear on the other hand, is going crazy with Goneril and Regan’s abuse towards him, and is trying to find some to help him. The girls, I feel need to stop being so envious to each oth...

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...e girls ended up dying anyways, the men are the ones that survived. The women brought death upon themselves by acting the way they did to everyone, and towards each other. The closes sisters ended up killing each other. For trusting each other so much, they turned against each other, and neither of them got to keep the kingdom.
Over all the women back then were so much different than what they are and act today. Back then they did everything so sneaky, and cruel. Women today are and can be in control of situations, rather than having to have the men getting things done for them. Women have so much more power and control than what they had back then. Back then they depended on the men so much, to defending the women, to having to help them get what they want. Now in days, we women don’t need men to depend on. We can get help without them, and do things on our own.
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