Lear's Pride Creates his Madness

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1855 words

Lear has an emence amount of pride in the beginning of the play. This pride makes him blind to who he loves the most and why this foolish blindness puts Lear in the hands of his evil daughters, Goneril and Regan. Who ultimately leads to his madness? Therefore Lear has brought about his own madness through his blindness.

Lear emended amount of pride not only made him blind to the reasons why he loves Cordellia most and it made him blind through to give Goneril and Regan everything and Cordellia nothing. It continued to make him blind to Regan and Goneril true quality until he becomes mad. Therefore Lears has brought about his own madness through his blind actions.

Full of pride and thus full of blindness Lear makes his biggest mistake.

The focus in this scene is to show that Lear has so much pride that it made him blind to Cordellia’s love and the reason to why he loved. His pride made him think that flattery is love thus he gave everything to Goneril and Regan. This was his biggest mistake, leaving him completely dependent upon his two hateful daughters. He kicked Cordellia out so there is no hope of him being helped now.

Imagery: blindfolded & candle on

Props: red cloth, lots of chairs, map, crown of jewels.


Lear: I’m old with older strengths with the burden of rule, legal ownership of territory and all the duties and commands that are thrown upon you regarding cares of state. Restless i have three times as many daughters as one and i have three pieces of a map. The last one being the largest and given to the blood and flesh which loves this old man more than for himself. So unleash your hearts for your words are future jewels, revenue, soil and marble, fuels of the earth and raiment.

Lear: know that we have divi...

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... Lears blessing, and declared his daughter. Lear also realized that Kents speaking out was for Lear’s best and that he too was abused and banished. What stings Lear even more is that he is now completely dependent upon his two shameless daughters, Goneril and Regan. Plus that he must now beg them when he took care of them like a father when they were once children, to drive Lears further into madness he realizes that as king he was so ignorant and blind with power that he never took care of the homeless and let them suffer. All these realization and the fact that Lear is in his second childhood a tender stage drive him into the peak of madness.

Lear is so delusion and broken that the only place he finds comfort is in his imagination. Where he has his original power and knows Goneril and Regan’s true quality. Thus he has this trail to fulfill his desire for revenge.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how lear has so much pride that it made him blind to cordellia’s love and the reason why he loved. he gave everything to goneril and regan, leaving him dependent upon his two hateful daughters.
  • Describes how regan is attended with a desperate train, and what they may incense him to being apt to have his ear abused, wisdom bids fear.
  • Asks goneril why might not lord receive attendance from those that she calls servants, or from mine?
  • Describes the sulph'rous and thought-executing fires, vaunt-couriers of oak-cleaving thunderbolts and singe their white head.
  • Describes the virtues of incestuous virtue and bloody hand.
  • Analyzes how lear has an emended amount of pride in the beginning of the play. this pride makes him blind to who he loves the most and why this foolish blindness puts him into the hands of his evil daughters, goneril and regan
  • Explains that they have divided their kingdom into three parts, and it's their firm intention to shake all cares and business from their age, conferring them on younger strength.
  • Opines that cordellia cannot pretend to love her majesty more than she does. she will never marry like her sisters, in which all her love will be for her father.
  • Opines that the barbarous scythian, or one who eats his children to gorge his appetite, will to their hearts be as well neighboured, pitied, and relieved.
  • Opines that lear and cordellia beseech their majesty to make it clear that they have not deprived them of their affection because of sense crime.
  • Analyzes how the focus of the scene is to show that lear continued to make actions lead by blindness and thought that goneril and regan would line up to their words.
  • Analyzes how the she foxes reveal their true quality into madness as they follow lear, goneril, and regan through the scene.
  • Opines that goneril & regan's dreadful pudder o'er our heads, find out their enemies now.
  • Analyzes how lear is no longer blind to the characters of his 3 daughters to where he stands in power and the judgement that have landed him in the current position.
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