Macro Environment Analysis

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The Micro and Macro Environment Analysis

Macro Environment Analysis
On the enterprise marketing management, macro environment can be analyzed from two aspects, beneficial is business opportunities and adverse impact is being threated. Facing different opportunities and threats, industry need environmental analysis to assess the market and put forward corresponding countermeasures. By using PEST analysis, I will analyze political, economic, social and technological factor between SIA and Singapore.

Political Factors:
Government politics can make a decision whether open a market or not, such as aviation industry and transport service. Previously, the Singapore government decided to open the aviation industry progressively, Low-cost airlines allowed to operate which attend less-demanding customer. Thus, SIA are receiving allowances from the government to improve competitiveness.

Economic Factors:
The stability of politics affects the currency market, output prices of goods, etc. Recently, oil-producing countries facing political instability, erratic fuel price have a significant im...
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