Government Impact On Airline Industry

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Government Impact on Airline Industry Before we discuss government intervention and its affect on an industry’s competition we must first seek to understand the five forces framework. The theory, discussed in 1979 by Micheal Porter seeks to evaluate the attractiveness of an industry. Throughout this essay I will explore the theory and then relate government action and its well-documented affects on the airline industry. The strength or weakness of each competitive force in the model will determine the overall attractiveness of a market. The diagram below (adapted from M. Porter, Competitive Strategy CH.1) shows in simple form the five forces, which can be seen as determinants of industries profitability. There are two reasons why a firm may perform well in an industry, either 1) the industry is attractive to any firm 2) the firm is better and outperforms it’s rivals. Porter’s theory therefore can be used to discover the markets that are attractive to firms or, in those which aren’t breaking down the five forces so a strategy for success can be developed. In general the firm with be more profitable if each of the forces is low, that is to say there is a low threat of new firms entering, if buyers and suppliers have little power over the firm, if there is a low threat from substitute products and if competitive rivalry is low. The Five forces in the airline industry can be easily broken down, firstly the threat of new entrants. Over the last 10 years there has been a huge influx of new low cost companies in Europe such as “Easyjet”, or “Ryan Air” as the low cost niche slowly becomes more full we are seeing less and less entrants since the market has become saturated. The better an airlines brand image, such as British Airways being a recognised name and the use of frequent flier or airmiles schemes the less likely a new entrant with lower prices will be able to break into the market. Next we have Supplier and buyer power in the industry. In terms of the suppliers of aircraft the main two are Airbus and Boeing and so it may seem that this few suppliers would have a lot of power over the airlines, but intact it tends to just increase the competition between the suppliers as they fight for major contracts with the big airlines. The bargaining power of customers in the

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