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Different imagery are seen through out the play one of the

imagery is blood.In Macbeth by Wiiliam Shakespear in every scene the image

of blood changes, it changes through remores, bravery, and guilt. The characters

affected by all of this is Macbeth and Lady Macbeth since they are the

ones with blood in their hands.

The imagery of blood seens to effected all the characters in the

play. One that is affected by all of this is Lady Macbeth, when she is found

sleepwalkig and talking to herself after the murder of Duncan and Banquo,

" Here the smell of blood still.

All the perfume of Aradia will

not sweeten this little hands"(5.1.53-55)

Shakespear by use of blood makes Lady Macbeth goes crazy by the actions

that she has done. Makes it obvious that being evil brings unhappiness and

guilt of what she has done in the past. At the beginning Lady Macbeth

starts all of this by asking the spirits to,

"make thick my blood"(1.5.50)

She asking them to make her remorseless and wrong for the actions that is

about to do. She did not have the control over har own conscience since she

has remorse and guilt over her actions, but it is all ready too late since

she has gone crazy and paranoid of blood being on her hands.

Macbeth in the other hand has not yet gone crazy, but at the

beginning the captain said,

" Which smoked with bloody


Shakespear uses blood in a whole defferent way. This time the meaning of

blood is of the brave fighter that Macbeth is with the bloody sword he has

of his enemies in the battle he fought. This time is shown as a action in

which has nothing to do with beginning evil but as a fighter of a country.

Macbeth does not shows his true self to his wife and hides in his

words he speaks of guilt.

"Will all great Neptune's ocean

wash this blood clean for my


Macbeth wounders if he will ever forgive his own actions.At the banquet it is

when Macbeth shows a little of his guilt of killing Banquo, since his ghost

appears to him as a sign of guilt.Shakespear makes this imagery of blood as

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