Love Is Control

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Love is powerful, it can overcome most anything. We all want it but none of the hurt. We push people we supposedly love away just because we’re afraid. Afraid of getting hurt. Until we go through life and find that one guy we fall deeply in love with. But then we are still mean, we still have that instinct to not totally let them in. We want to but its hard, we still push away we don’t mean to we just do. Most of that is caused because we were hurt by someone before and the pain of a broken heart is unbearable.
I came from a good home, my parents were still together and lived in a good neighborhood. Then I met Casey. I loved him and my parents couldn’t get enough of him. He was amazing we dated all the way through high school then college came and we couldn’t of been stronger. But something happened and sparked something horrid. Than all the sudden I was in a very harsh relationship, abusive, emotionally and physically. It all started one day when he saw me out talking with one of my best guy friends. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was actually about to take his one year old because he had work and needed someone to watch his baby. But when I told Casey that he didn’t believe me. He went crazy with jealousy and just snapped. I was afraid and that day was the start of the abuse. The next day I packed up all mine and Carson, my baby’s things and tried to leave, but he wouldn’t let me. Everything went rapidly downhill from there. I was terrified to wake up each morning just because I knew that each day I would be hurt even more. Now I don’t even say he’s mine anymore, my love from him has faded. But the strange thing about the abuse is that he apologized and brought me flowers and gifts after he hit me. At first I forgave him, bec...

... middle of paper ... listen to me. It was to keep him safe. Casey was a jealous person I knew he would hurt Luke. I heard him yelling my name. That went on and on. Then I started to hear Casey threatening my guests, then there was screaming, and gun shots. I couldn’t let him hurt my friends and family. At this point I had no idea where Carson was, last time I saw he was getting food with my mom. Casey wouldn’t hurt anyone if I went out. All he wanted was me. And that's what I was going to give him.
If you’re reading this Luke then I am probably dead, he finally found me and he did what he always said he was going to do. Now you know everything. I'm sorry I didn’t tell you before. But I truly did love you Luke with all my heart. I need you to do something for me, take care of Carson. I'm sorry, you are already an amazing father to him. You are his father. I love you both. GoodBye.

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