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When you think of your past love, you may view it as a failure. But when you find a new love, you view the past as a teacher. In the game of love, it doesn`t really matter who won or who lost. What is important is you know when to hold on and when to let go...

You know you really love someone when you want him or her to be happy, even if his or her happiness means that you`re not a part of it. Everything happens for the best. If the person you love doesnt love you back, dont be afraid to love someone else again for you`ll never know unless you give it a try. You`ll never love a person you love unless you risk for love. Love strives in hurting.

If you dont get hurt, you don`t learn how to love. Love doesnt hurt all the time. Though the hurting is still there to test you, to help you grow. Dont find love, let love find you. That`s why its called falling in love because you dont force yourself to fall. You just fall...

You cannot finisha book without closing its chapters. If you want to go on, then you have toleave the past as you turn the pages. Love is not destroyed by a single failure or won by a single caress. It is a lifetime venture in which we are alwayslearning, discovering, and growing.

The great ironyof life is letting gowhen you need to hold on and holding on when you need to let go. We lose someone we love only when we are destined to find someone else who can love us even more thn we can loveourselves.

On falling out of love, take some time to heal and then get back on the horse. But dont ever make the same mistake of riding the same one that threw you the first time. To love is to risk rejection; to live is to risk dying; to hope is to risk failure. But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. To reach for another is to risk involvment; to expose your feelings is to expose trueself; to love is to risk not to be love in return.

How to define love: fall but not stumble, be constant but not too persistent, share and never be unfair, understand and try not to demand, hurt but never keep the pain.
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