Analysis Of Lessons For My Daughter By Ann Of France

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Throughout the history of western civilization, women have fought for their rights to be treated as equal citizens. The problem of gender inequality has been prevalent for centuries. The movement for equal opportunity has gained traction in different eras but is still far from complete. Today, we are faced with an America that has made a choice. It has made a choice for division, for stagnancy and for retrogression. Women have been subtly told that their value does not rest in politics, nor in business, nor in leadership. After the results of the 2016 election cycle that subtly is gone. The America of today is different from the America of yesteryear. The underlying notes of sexism are no longer hidden. A society that was once working towards…show more content…
This essay, written by Ann of France, entitled "Lessons for my Daughter" explores the pains of being a woman in her society. Anne was the daughter of King Louis XI of France and was profoundly influential in French politics and policy throughout her life. The author composed this essay to be utilized as a handbook to guide her daughter through the patriarchal, aristocratic environment of French politics. Anne began her guide by urging her daughter to be the manifestation of complete virtue, to not show weakness, and to be worthy of having a reputation worth perpetual remembrance. She told her daughter to be humble, be honest, and above all be true. Anne urged her daughter to be magnificent, to show honor and to be brave. She insisted that the moment a woman makes a mistake her voice and her reputation are squandered. She insisted that she had to be refined, and she had to be excellent in order to be heard. Anne of France knew how treacherous the road was to be a woman in politics at this time. The essay is a beautiful distillation of her understanding and experiences within influential French society. Having been a successful and authoritative figure, Anne 's caution and judgment proved to be a great path of preparation for her
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