The Book Of Unknown Americans Analysis

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Love is powerful and could change a person’s personality. In “The Book of Unknown Americans”, the author Christina Hernriquez tells us the definition of love. It is a book combined with different stories but each story is connected to others. It talks about the immigrants that moved to America with lots of hope, but didn’t end up with a happy ending. The story is about love, hope and guilt and different kinds of emotional feeling. In the book, Mayor has an internal change because of Maribel, and the power of love. He wants to be a strong man who can protect Maribel. He used to be someone who couldn’t defend himself and he changed because of Maribel.
Love means you are willing to do everything for the one you love. You will fight for the one
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Since he is a coward, he often bullied by his peers. Even though he is thinking to stand up for himself, he still doesn’t dare to resist them.“I took a deep breath and shut my locker. I was used to this kind of abuse. Last year, whenever Enrique caught wind of it, he’d tell me to stand up for my self. ‘I know you don’t want to fight,’ he said once. ‘But at least have the balls to tell hem to fuck off,’ And in my head I did. In my head, I was Jason Bourne or Jack Bauer or James Bond or all three of them combined. But beyond my head, the most I ever did was ignore it and walk away”(Henriquez 15). This quote tells us Mayor has been bullied for a long while and he is kind of used to it. He is unhappy, but he just hides his anger and ignores what they did to him. He is willing to fight in his mind, but he doesn’t succeed in real life. It is ironic that he thinks t he is “Jack Bauer” or “Jason Bourne”. They are heroes in people’s mind. The difference between them and Mayor make us feel more sorry for…show more content…
Mayor becames a better man. He doesn’t afraid to fight for Maribel. “And that’s when I punched him. I’d never punched anyone in my life, but before I knew it, I squeezed my hand shut, drew back my elbow, and punched Garrett right in the side of the neck. I’d been aiming for his face, but I missed (128). Garrett keeps humiliating Maribel in the face of Mayor. Mayor can’t stand any bad things or bad words towards Maribel. Therefore, he fights for Maribel and this is the first time he ever fights someone. There are a lot of first time moments after he met Maribel. Even though he doesn’t really punch Garrett. We are still happy to see he changes and finally brave to fight
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