Louisiana Purchase Dbq

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The number 1 president of the U.S. Is George Washington. He was a commanding officer while the American Revolution was taking place and he is still one of the main authoritative and famous people in U.S. history. His benefaction stretches out really far out maybe even compared to others in the history of America. George was incorporated two different times in Germantown taking part in history. While the rebellion was taking place (1770s) George directed the U.S. forces in the Germantown war. The way to avoid the Yellow Fever Epidemic (1773), was that the statehouse had to move to Germantown, from Philadelphia. Inside of the Germantown homestead inhabitant Major Franks, George stayed there and encountered his council, that involved Alexander…show more content…
This was something that was really important for trade and the extension to westward. In the 1800s, the Louisiana Purchase is still considered the most important occurrence in the westward being spread out of the U.S. and is a trial to include a different ethnic group. This was the starting point of the encounter with multi-ethnicity boarders. The Louisiana Purchase the way that the nation used to be and had a intense result on what the nation would become later on. The new regions of the purchase demonstrated a notable obstacle to the essentially Anglo-Protestant, young nation known as America. The more south part of the purchase was in result an overseas region. Many the people residing there's origin was African, Mediterranean, and Caribbean. Most of them had a divergent viewpoint of race, law, and government. Admittedly the Louisiana Purchase began the nation's experience with a variety of races that went on and on across the next couple centuries and is still going on to this…show more content…
The effect on people from this era though continues way past these times. The Jacksonian Democracy's policy was the right to vote, for men with white skin slowly over time. This policy was passed to represent what Andrew believed in which was that a typical white man should be more involved in the process of democrats, something that was substantially in conflict with the Founding Fathers' beliefs, who put a complicated voting process in place precisely to get away from giving too much capability to the ordinary man. By spreading out suffrage, Andrew filled the nation with more of a democratic teachings and character. Another big influence the democracy had was the westward regional growth. With James Polk as President, In 1845, the United States conquered Texas, In 1846, signed an agreement with the British to divide the region of Oregon, and battled with Mexico (Also 1846) to have ownership over the Southwest and California. The regional growth of this gave the nation a lot of resources such as gold found in California, in addition to substantial territory for people to live on, but it had a bad impact on American Indians, because many of them were forced to move somewhere
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