Purchase Of The Louisiana Purchase

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In 1803 the United States would make the largest and possibly most controversial land purchases in American history, the Louisiana Purchase. During the years leading up to this event the United States was still trying to solidify a national identity. There were two subjects that were causing for division of the new national identity, one being westward expansion. The Northern states and Federalists opposed the idea of westward expansion while the Southern States and the Jeffersonians backed this purchase. Although there was a struggle for a single national identity and this controversial purchase did not aid in finding that single identity, it was still the right decision for the United States. By purchasing this land from the French the United States would not share a colonial boundary with the French who were continuing to gain power under Napoleon. Purchasing the Louisiana Territory would prove to be beneficial for the United States for more reason than one. The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of the Louisiana Territory by the United States from France in 1803. This purchase encompassed present day Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska as well as large portions of Texas, New Mexico,…show more content…
They feared that it would decrease the power that they had experienced to this time . This loss in political power would mean a great deal of things during this time of trying to find a true national identity. The expanding of the United States would ultimately prove to be beneficial to the current states and the lands that would be colonized. This is not saying that it went smooth and without any hardships, but the outcome would prove to be beneficial. There were others that opposed the Louisiana Purchase because of the effect it could possibly have on the relationship with Great
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