Louis Armstrong: Changed The World Of Jazz

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In the 1920’s a man by the name of Louis Armstrong changed the world of Jazz and began to give this genre a more powerful meaning. Looking into one of the more influential people of the Jazz world, he was born in New Orleans where he learned how to play the instruments and evolved as a musician. Louis Armstrong had a rough life as a child, he used music as an escape in a way and did so by following his mentor as he grew up, King Oliver. He grew into the Jazz world quickly with his different style and transformed into a new era that would later be known as the “Swing Era”. Louis created a new type of music which had more rhythm to it than other songs at the time. He did so by mixing his new style with that of Fletcher Henderson. Born on August 4, 1901, Armstrong was cared for by his grandmother in New Orleans until he started school, which he then moved in with his mom. At the age of seven, Louis was cared for by a Jewish family which had recently immigrated into the U.S. Armstrong began to sing in a street barbershop quartet while living with the family. His new parents got him his first instrument called the cornet (similar to that of a trumpet) which enabled him to venture further into the world of music. At the age of 12, he had a setback after getting into some trouble with the…show more content…
Being in this band with Henderson helped Louis manipulate the sounds of the very difficult dance hall Jazz. This made the dance hall Jazz he was playing for more upbeat and rhythmic. The New Orleans sound that Louis had brought to the table was incorporated into the Rosewood Ballroom Jazz music on Broadway. After his performance, his unique talent made him heard and he became one of the best jazz soloist that Broadway had to offer. This allowed him to navigate jazz into the more rhythmic style known as
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