Lewis Armstrong's Influence On Jazz Music

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At the mention jazz music, that people will first think of is likely to be a great figure with a clown image, nicknamed Uncle Satchmo. The man was Lewis Armstrong. He is a husky singer, often with a trumpet in his hand. He played dramatic works of simple structure in Orleans jazz style and with the accompaniment of Dick jazz music. Each of the books on jazz music will mention his name. Lewis Armstrong was to jazz music what Bach is to classical music, Presley is to rock music (Berrett 230). This essay will have an introduction of the king of jazz music—— Lewis Armstrong and his great influence on jazz history.
It could not be examined when and by whom Jazz music was found. People began hearing jazz music in the early 1900s. It originated from
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He left a rich Jazz heritage for people around the world. People can appreciate the excellence of a grand master from the following classic singles, West End Blues, Savoy Blues, Potato Head Blues, Weather Bird, I 'm Not Rough and Heebie Jeebies and so on. Not a jazz musician could be known to and win support from every family like him. His works has been reprinted several times in the past thirty years (Gourse and Louis 342). He had a large collection of his own and other recordings. He enjoyed listening to his own recordings, and comparing his performances musically.
In addition, the enthusiasm and sense of humor in stage performance of Armstrong is the main reason for the popularity of jazz music. Many young people started to like jazz after hearing his songs or seeing his shows. He was a jazz musician appeared in various media, and even today, Armstrong 's music often emerged in radio and concert programs list.This makes the name of Armstrong remain forever in the development of jazz music and the hearts of
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He attached great importance to exchanges with the audience, and tried to be able to make the audience happy, which made him a comedy show master. People often had two kinds of views on him, one was to consider him an artist, the other held the view that he was a general entertainment performer. Armstrong believed that, even if a person took music as important as his or her life, it didn 't mean that he should not be a public performer and not appreciated by the masses (Whyton 122).

Armstrong is not only a trumpet player, as a singer, he was also very successful. For many years, jazz lovers tried in ecstasies to imitate his unique voice and scat singing which was nonsense but with a rhythmic. Armstrong was the first to successfully use scat singing, which eventually became a major feature of jazz concert. His singing method affected almost every jazz singer, including Coypin Crosby in 1940s, most charismatic singer in jazz history Billie Holly and Frank Sinatra.

Of course, Armstrong 's achievements in jazz music could not be summarized by the above description. He is the greatest and most important musician in jazz history, and he made an innovation of jazz music. It is no exaggeration to say that, in a sense, Armstrong pioneered jazz
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