Long Lasting Effects of Child Abuse

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Although people tend to believe that child abuse always involves obvious bruises or broken bones, it is so much more. Child abuse ranges from ignoring a child’s needs, physically assaulting them, or even leaving them in dangerous situations including unsafe unsupervised places. There is also emotional abuse including name-calling, making a child feel worthless, or even making a child feel stupid. If a child grows up without ever getting help, then the chance that they too will become an abuser is much higher than if it is caught at a young age. Who? Most people assume that it is only the bad people that abuse their children. It’s not that easy to classify because who draws the line between good and bad? Sometimes the abusers don’t even intentionally abuse their victims. Parents for instance may discipline their children to “teach them a lesson”. Depending on what measures are taken, abuse may have taken place. Even families that seem like they have everything they need and are completely happy, have a different family within closed doors. Although the parent to child abuse rate is ...

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