Supply Chain Management Essay

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The main area of focus in this article is on the evolution to a successful business model of Supply-chain management. About two decades ago there were the “traffic” managers with a sole responsibility of transferring freight to outside world. After that came the physical distribution management which was broadened to logistics management. Then the advent of supply-chain management made the transportation distribution and logistics professionals are the key in transforming into an effective business process. The Supply-chain management incorporates the activity of moving goods from raw-materials stage to making it available to the end-user covering the procedures of sourcing and procurement, production scheduling, order processing, inventory management, transportation warehousing, customer service and an information system to monitor all the activities.
The successful supply-chain management focus solely on the consumer demand rather than imposing a product into the market which may or may not succeed. The companies are adopting to speed ways of market techniques to gain a good cons...
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