Lobello's Effects Of The Horrors Of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Post-traumatic stress disorder also affects people on an emotional level. People with PTSD are anguished by their gruesome experience. At times victims of PTSD are haunted by the memories of the traumatic event they faced; for instance, Dexter Filkin, writer for The New Yorker, wrote about Lu Lobello, a victim of PTSD, who has typically would wake up in the middle of the night, sweaty and “…couldn’t stop thinking about his time in Iraq” (“Atonement”). Lobello tortured by the grievances of someone who he’d harmed, attempted to apologize to the family through a video camera, as he began apologize he started to telling them, “I’m sorry for your loss” ( “Atonement”). To achieve sanctuary, Lobello wanted to speak to the victims from his tour…show more content…
Jeffrey Mann clinical psychologists at Capital Institute for Cognitive Therapy in Washington D.C. from Traci Badalucco’s article “Vietnam Veterans Still Have PTSD 40 Years After War,” claimed that veterans, “start to organize their life around their avoidance, even to the point of avoiding sleep because they have nightmares” (U.S. News). Burden with PTSD, those Vietnam veterans are unable to live their lives as they were before they went to Vietnam. They’re unable to live a typical daily routine, which include sleeping. Because they have nightmares of the horrors they saw in Vietnam, the veterans avoid sleeping, this proves that PTSD has an effect on it’s victims psychologically. It appears that PTSD has a significant impact on someone emotional to the point where they’d avoid sleep, doing anything they can to repress their memories of the traumatic event. Furthermore, soldiers that went on a battlefield could potentially have a hard time readjusting to life at home. According to Sebastian Junger’s article, “How PTSD Became a Problem Far Beyond the Battlefield” discussed the severity of a traumatic event has on a soldier declaring, “it serves as a trigger for psychological breakdown on the battlefield and re-adjustment difficulties after the soldier has returned home” (Vanity Fair). Even after the Vietnam War were veterans suffering from symptoms such…show more content…
Their world revolves around that one event that they are reminded of everyday. PTSD makes someone more capable of hurting themselves or become violent. They tend to become more aggressive, leading to violent tendencies because they’re filled with negative emotions they are more prone to be more violent than if they didn’t suffer from PTSD, especially if they were in a war zone, though they could be traumatized by an event like rape. Furthermore, a life threatening experience or any sort of traumatic event detrimentally affecting a person psychologically as well as emotionally. Someone with PTSD is a victim of witnessing or participating in a dreadful activity, that without a doubt could stay with them for years. Simple things like grocery shopping could remind them of their trauma, causing flashback and bringing the pain upon themselves once again. It is important that individuals with post traumatic stress disorder seek out professional help to hopefully help treat the disorder, and putting their mind to ease. Post-traumatic stress disorder is not a condition that should be taken for granted, a person suffering from the disorder is at risk of hurting themselves, loved ones or even a complete stranger. Undeniably, PTSD has an influence on people psychologically. Research has shown that post-traumatic stress disorder isn’t permanent and could easily be treated,
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