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Where would our society be if brave and revolutionary individuals like the Little Rock Nine decided to be bystanders, and do nothing while injustice plagued their lives? In 1954, the decision made from the court case Brown v. Board of Education declared segregation in schools unconstitutional. States across the nation were required to integrate schools, nevertheless, the some of the Southern states were infuriated and refused. For instance, the Little Rock Crisis occurred when Governor Faubus attempted to stop the integration of Central High School. White segregationists were against it because Jim Crow laws that supported discrimination and segregation were their way of life, and this federal mandate interfered with it. They wanted to remain …show more content…

Every single one of the LR9 faced racism and harassment, but continued to attend CHS. On page 217 of “Warriors Don’t Cry” it states “It was the beginning of a whirlwind tour and another in the series of awards we received for ‘bravery and significant contributions to democracy.’ ” After completing an entire year at CHS, they received multitudes of awards because their actions allowed African Americans to receive an equal education, which is imperative.. The fact that so many people recognized their valiant efforts suggests that what they gave done is extraordinary, because it was. In the South, what they have done sparked fury, but that is because what they are doing is allowing their people to have equal education and the segregationists despise this. In the North, they are “heroes and heroines”(217) and this is because they are speaking for their people and fighting for them. Furthermore, on page 225 it says “Very different from when I lived’s racially mixed, upscale suburban sprawl. It is a town that know boasts a black woman mayor.” After the LR9 returned to Little Rock 30 years later, Melba described a Little Rock drastically different from her childhood. It’s racially mixed, CHS has an African American student body president, and the mayor is African American as well. Due to the LR9’s actions, African …show more content…

As Dr. Martin Luther King said to Melba “Don’t be selfish, Melba! Stop complaining! You are not doing this for yourself, you are doing it for the generations you have not yet seen, who you have not yet met,” Dr. King is encouraging Melba to persevere through the integration, and reminding her that the LR9’s actions will affect many to come. Before the Brown v. Board case, there was no integrated education in all of America, and once segregation in schools was illegal, there was a new hope, but people still refused. The LR9 did not care, and continued with the integration until the end of the year. Now, Little Rock has racially mixed education, and was able to move on to equality for all races in other areas. According to the documentary “The Road to Brown,” Charles H. Houston wanted to end Jim Crow, and decided to target education first because it was its biggest weakness, he would then target other areas of segregation. Thus, when the LR9 helped end segregation in Little Rock and influenced other states, they made it possible for segregation to end in other places as well, which was important. In “I Cracked the Wall” it says “But I knew that once I got as far as that principal and received that diploma that I had cracked the wall.” Ernest Green knew how important it was to have his diploma, because it certified that he achieved something

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